BuzzyBiz Survey Privacy and Cookie Policy

Sekos Technology trading as BuzzyBiz fully respect your right to privacy.

User refers to the user of the BuzzyBiz Survey application who creates and distributes surveys for collection of data.

By creating a profile on or using any of the Services supplied by BuzzyBiz Survey, you accept this policy for the processing of your personal data.

  1. Data Protection: What information do we collect?

    1. Signing in to BuzzyBiz Survey

      BuzzyBiz Survey requires use of a Google gmail account for single user use or a Google G Suite account for multiuser use. We use standard cookies for authentication of a Google User.

      As is a requirement of regulations such as GDPR, during the signup process you are requested to view this Privacy Policy and to agree to its contents before you can complete sign up.

    2. At the User’s sole discretion, we store some of the following:

      • The name of your Organization.
      • Sender Email address if you are using an email survey campaign.
      • Your Twilio SID, Token and Phone Number if you are using an SMS survey campaign.
      • Your Twitter user id if you are using a Twitter survey campaign.
      • Your Facebook user id if you are using a Facebook survey campaign.
      • Your Linkedin User id if you are using a Linkedin survey campaign.

      We will not share your personal information with a third party. Nor will we post on your behalf except where you have directly requested a survey to be distributed to Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin. The information you supply is used solely by BuzzyBiz Survey to distribute your surveys and collect survey data.

  2. Usage Details

    Your BuzzyBiz Survey usage data is captured to help us enhance your experience and to collate your aggregated usage per month to allow us inform you when you are nearing your usage limits.

  3. Cookies

    For Survey Distribution, we use cookies in the following cases when you setup a profile in the admin panel. This step is optional and is only required when you want to create a survey campaign of that type.

    • The Facebook user logon you specify for a Facebook survey campaign
    • The Twitter user logon you specify for a Twitter survey campaign
    • The Linkedin user logon you specify for a Linkedin survey campaign

    See the end of this document for links to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to review the cookie information.

    When you use a Web Campaign to distribute your survey you can optionally select to use cookies. This enables us to use DeviceID to keep track of the device that was used to answer the survey and thus the respondent is only requested to complete the survey once.

    If you enable cookies, we recommend that you include the information above in the cookie policy for the website where the web survey campaign is hosted.

  4. Contact Lists

    When you create a contact list for distributing surveys the direct contact details including Name and contact email or SMS or Twitter user is stored in a list in a Google Cloud database.

    These lists are treated as totally private to you and will never be used by us for any purpose beyond what you intend for directly contacting your respondents.

    Your contact lists will never be shared by us for use by a third party.

  5. Survey Response Data

    The survey response data you collect and the analyses you create are solely your property and we will not use this data for our own purposes, nor will we share this data with a third party.

    You- the User can export your data and analyses from BuzzyBiz Survey at any time should you choose. You can also delete survey data and analyses from BuzzyBiz Survey when you choose.

  6. User Account Payment

    Your user account credit card details are handled securely by the payments processing company Stripe for the processing of payments on our behalf.

    We do not have any access to this data. We receive notification from Stripe when payments are made so we can manage your user account.

  7. Security

    We are committed to taking great care of your personal information and data. We will constantly review and update our security protection to reduce the risk of your survey data or User profile being viewed or used by an unauthorized party.

    You or your organisation will have obligations on how you gather data from your clients under regulations such as GDPR. Please review your data retention policies on how you collect survey data and obtain permissions from your clients.

    Access to your User profile or survey data is strictly controlled within BuzzyBiz / Sekos Technology with restricted access and all staff are bound by confidentiality agreements. Your data is hosted in Google’s data centers and strictly controlled. (See the reference below).

  8. Updates to this Privacy and Cookie Policy

    BuzzyBiz / Sekos Technology reserves the right, at its discretion, to modify this Privacy and Cookie Policy at any time by posting a notice on the website, or by directly contacting the User.

    The User shall be responsible for reviewing and becoming familiar with any such modifications.

    Use of BuzzyBiz Survey by the User following such notification constitutes the User's acceptance of the modified Privacy and Cookie Policy.

  9. Contact with Us

    If you have any questions regarding the BuzzyBiz Survey Privacy and Cookie Policy you can email your queries to

  10. We will contact you by your sign up email address for the following reasons,

    • To respond to a Feedback you have given
    • To inform you that your subscription payment failed and your credit card details need to be updated
    • To let you know about new BuzzyBiz Survey features or content which will include an OptOut link from future updates.
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